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January 9, 2010

Portrait of a Frig

My daughter came across a very interesting webpage. It features pictures of people’s refrigerators. Not the outside (that would be an appliance store) but the insides. He just opened them up and took the picture as is. He calls it, You Are What You Eat. Here is the site. Go and have a look; I’ll wait.

Did you see it? The snake. Can you believe what some people keep in their refrigerators? This, for some reason, was intriguing to me. So what do you think I did next? Of course, I went and opened my frig.

Go ahead, open your frig and really look, I mean, really look. It’ll just take a moment; I’ll wait.

Did you see any resemblance to any of the refrigerators in the pictures? Hopefully, it’s not the one with the snake. What did you see? You know, for something that we look into at least twenty times a day, we just don’t really see what’s inside. I mean, exactly, what the inventory is or has become.

After I saw the website, I went to see my own refrigerator. I opened the door and, yes, I took a picture. I had needed to go to the produce stand for a couple of days but hadn’t had the chance. I took the picture anyway. That’s what the photographer did, just opened the door and, click, took the picture.

Here’s the picture I took.

We are very conscious of what we buy at the grocery store, but this time I actually stood and, not only looked, but actually saw what was in it. There were a few good things I noticed: alfalfa sprouts, quinoa, brown rice, whole grain tortillas, spinach, high fiber whole grain bread, omega-3 eggs, some veggies and fruit in the crispers below, organic yogurt, organic milk and an “almost gone” 15 pound bag of organic carrots for juicing. In the door, I keep all our raw nuts, dried fruit, almond milk, salad dressings, and supplements. (No, that’s not wine; it’s JUS, a nutritional beverage.) Wow, I sound like a real health nut.

The bad news is that when I really examined it, I had way too much dairy and those sprouts growing out of the turnips meant that they had been in there way too long for use. I had no meat for thawing (which could leave me unprepared for dinner since I had no beans either) and overall, definitely not enough produce to feed a family of four.

That may not sound so bad since I didn’t have a frig like some of those folks, but I went there thinking I was okay and ended up enlightened to see I wasn’t okay after all. What is in your frig that you never really noticed before. If you are what you eat, then what are you eating from the looks of your refrigerator?

Opening my frig, taking a picture, and putting it on a blog, for me, is something that in the past, I would never have done. This whole examination was so eye-opening for me.

What would it be like if we could open up our spirits and be that transparent to each other that all could see the contents of our lives. If we did open up like that, others would see not only our good but our dirty, rotten contents as well. There is no hiding from God; He sees all anyway. But we could be a little more open with our struggles than maybe what we are. Not in a complaining way, but in an empathizing and understanding way with others to let them know they are not alone in their hardships. This is the transparency that Beth Moore talks about in her Esther study to really be able to reach people for Christ.

So what’s in your frig? Is there anyone brave enough to leave a comment on the best and worst thing that they found in their refrigerator after examination? Come on, be transparent, no one has a perfect frig. And definitely, if there’s a snake in your frig, I want to hear about it.

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