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February 22, 2010

Citrus SuperFood Juice

Do people really think they don’t have time to eat better? Adding a quick fresh juice is one of the easiest changes to obtain more nutrient dense food. The closer you get to God’s original creation the better it is. 

Everyone knows some benefits of fresh citrus juice and remember it’s one of the original 14 superfoods recognized by Dr. Steven Pratt, the person who actually coined the term “Superfoods”. But did you know it could also have a weight loss effect? According to one of Dr. Pratt’s later books, Superfood Rx Diet, “people with adequate vitamin C status oxidize 30 percent more fat during moderate exercise than those with low vitamin C status”. That means if you have any movement at all, you’re going to burn more fat than the person who doesn’t have enough Vitamin C.

Juicing could be the easiest way to get fresh citrus into your family. If you don’t have an automatic citrus juicer, don’t worry, neither do I, one of the hand juicers is just fine. Take 5 minutes and just squeeze as much and you can during that time. Also split the juicing time with your family and then split the juice between your family members. It’s a great way to include all of them in the process of healthy eating. 

As an extra bonus, another quick way to serve oranges is to just cut them into eighths. This is a favorite of children. For some reason, they like the slight messiness, they can cut it themselves (age appropriate), and it is much quicker than peeling. 


In less than 15 minutes you have a quick easy addition to your meal. Go to your local produce stand, if possible, and start juicing your way to health.

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Pamela Scott said...

thanks for posting this I have been wanting to start juicing

Jessica Morris said...

I am craving oranges now!! :)

When I lived in Nigeria for a year I was so spoiled by their fruit and the fresh juices.
They use to use a razor blade and shave off the orange skin leaving the thick white part. Then they cut a bit off and you eat/drink the fruit through the part that has cut into the flesh... man, that sounds weird :-p
It was yummy!!

Melanie said...

my #1 favorite citrus ~ lemons
#2 ~ grapefruit (can't eat them right not though)

Melanie said...

'just wanted you to know that i am off of FB...and am taking a short break from blogging.

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