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March 8, 2010

Fortified Peanut Butter

Do you need your kids to eat more of the good fats and less of the bad fats? I think as parents, we all struggle with this. My children love peanut butter and as I'm always looking for better ways to feed them (secretly, if necessary) I wanted to improve something they eat 2 -3 times per week (sometimes more if it goes in smoothies). So I decided to add more nutrient dense nuts and seeds to increase the nutrition to a staple in our home.

Fortified Peanut Butter

In a food processor
1/8 c. almonds (raw and unsalted)
1/8 c. walnuts (same)
Process until small chunks

16 oz. jar natural peanut butter (the kind you stir like Smucker's)
1 tbsp. ground flaxseeds
1/4 c. raw honey (keeps oil from separating again)

Only for the daringly domestic
1-3 tsp. EFA oil blend (optional)

Blend altogether.

If you need to transition your children from gooey hydrogenated filled peanut butter to natural, start with mixing a third to a half with the pure peanut butter, increasing amounts gradually, and over time they will be accustomed to eating the healthier (I think tastier) peanut butter. 

Here are links for the benefits of almonds, walnuts, and flaxseeds.

You can serve peanut butter as sandwiches or on fruit and veggies like celery, apples, and bananas. I have even heard of people eating it on broccoli, though I haven't tried it myself.

This whole recipe takes less than 15 minutes including washing the food processor. What other things can we do to fortify our bodies for protection?

In A.W. Pink's book, Profiting from the Word, he says, "An individual is spiritually profited when the Word fortifies against sin."

"Fortify" has such a strong meaning:
(a) to strengthen and secure with fortifications,
(b) to reinforce by adding material,
(c) to impart physical strength or endurance,
(d) to give emotional, moral, or mental strength,
(e) to strengthen and enrich

Pink reminds us that the Bible teaches us "how to be kept from displeasing God". "Yes, we are to anticipate the future and be fortified against it, by storing the Word in our hearts for coming emergencies." 

Just as we want our physical bodies fortified and protected from those things that would harm us, we should protect our spiritual bodies by fortifying them with the Word of God.

How much fortification do you have right now?

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