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March 21, 2010

What We Eat - The Basics

If you were to try and sum up our eating plan, you'd pretty much have a look like this cute fellow in this Norman Rockwell plate. So first let me tell you what we are not...

We are not Vegetarian; although veggies are usually the mainstay of our meals.

We are not in the Real Food category since we are not big advocates of saturated fat but I do soak a lot of my grains and what we do eat is real food and from scratch.

We don't follow a Low-Fat diet because we are firm believers in good fats.

We are not in the Gluten Free crowd, because I still use whole grains although I do fix a lot of gluten free meals and breads.

We are not just in the Health Food category because we don't like soy products or all the prepackaged "so called" health foods that are on the market.

I would say we are close to Nutritarians, as coined by Dr. Joel Fuhrman, which means we eat nutrient dense food; while lean meats are not necessarily nutrient dense, we see the need for limited amounts in our eating plan.  

I would even go so far to say we eat only Biblically Clean foods but even then we are not legalistic about it.

We do limit certain things, and use portion control (well, usually), and not limit others.

So in summary, we eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, some lean meats such as  chicken and turkey, and fish (wild salmon being choice). We love organic plain yogurt, whole grains, pseudograins, and legumes. And we do allow ourselves to eat what we want at times, that way we can remember how "bad food" makes us feel. :) (Not really but that's what usually happens.)

For the next few posts, I'll go into a little more detail with recipes to boot so we'll have a little more understanding and have a happy face like this fellow by the time we're done. 

How would you summarize your eating plan? 


Nicole Feliciano said...

Love that label. It fits our family too.

Research Paper said...

Posters have some mystery..

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